Cindy’s Accolades

Senior National Sales Director Cindy Williams


has three grown sons, and one beautiful daughter-in-law.  She lives on Galveston Bay, near Houston, TX.


Cindy joined Mary Kay at age 25 and Earned her first Pink Cadillac at age 27…. In personal sales, Cindy has been a Star Consultant for over 100 quarters.


Cindy led her unit to over a million dollars in sales 3 times, and the number one unit at seminar twice.  In 2018 and 2019, The Williams National Area was number one in the Ruby Seminar, and top ten in the nation!


Cindy’s two highest honors were to debut Tammy Vavala as her offspring NSD, and to crown Susan Moore as the Number One Director in the nation.


To date, Mary Kay has awarded Cindy 18 Pink Cadillacs and she proudly drives a 2019 pink Escalade.  Mary Kay has awarded Cindy many incredible gifts, including exquisite diamond jewelry, rooms full of furniture, and dream vacations all over the world.


Cindy has qualified for the Top Mary Kay Trips every year except one since 1987…. That means Mary Kay Inc rewarded Cindy with 33 years of ALL EXPENSE PAID, annual First Class dream vacations, to:


Paris, Rome, London, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, Greek island cruises, Bermuda, 4 dream vacations to Hawaii, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, Argentina, Chile, Monaco.  And the next dream destination is a five star cruise through Alaska!


Cindy has earned over $8 MILLION DOLLARS in her Mary Kay career.  That averages $225,000 per year, for the last 38 years.